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This Week at Harand: 7/11-7/17

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Hey Haranders– it’s Second Session! After an incredible First Session, a Sunday full of family picnics and a movie night helped both the six-week campers and counselors recharge for what would be a busy day to come. We couldn’t wait to welcome new campers this past Monday and see what Second Session has in store! No check-in day is complete without cabin photos, welcome song, course registration and camp bonding.

Second Session’s first day of elective classes and rehearsals was Tuesday, and all campers were super excited to learn about their shows and start preparing for final performances. Haranders continued to get to know one another through team-building activities, mealtimes and cabin hang-outs. Later that night, each group watched a filmed production of their show in order to learn more about its characters, music and plotline.

The positive energy continued into Wednesday, where campers ended a busy day of rehearsals with Hobby Night! Each Harander got to choose between jewelry making, building forts, soccer and a karaoke night. Every activity was a huge hit, and campers were thrilled to spend more time relaxing together.

Then, Media Madness began on Thursday with the 10-Minutes to Win It competition. To celebrate the Olympics, campers were divided into four teams that each represent a different country– India, Columbia, South Korea and Sweden. Haranders dove into the Olympics with activities like “Name That Flag,” curling, cornhole and more. Teams also learned facts about their respective countries and presented them to the entire camp!

After a super sunny picture day on Friday, Haranders gathered in the theater for weekly services and camp song and cheer. Each cabin loved sharing their original song and cheer with the rest of our camp community! Afterwards, the oldest cabins spent time playing games and hanging out in the Student Union. And, Saturday night’s Costume Ball was the cherry on top of a super busy, fun and exciting week!

We are looking forward to an incredible Second Session and cannot wait to share our Week Two adventures with you soon. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for real-time updates of our Harand Camp life– we can’t wait to see you there!

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