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Counselors & Staff

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Staff & Leadership

Harand has been a family-run business since its founding and many senior staff members have been with us for over 40 years ("Lifetime Haranders"). All department heads, administrators, directors & choreographers are working professionals or educators with years of experience. The knowledge, commitment & care they bring to Harand is unsurpassed. We couldn't ask for a better team to help guide your children towards a safe & successful camp experience.

Harand Camp Counselors and Staff
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Our Counselors come from across the country - and many have been campers themselves! All counselors must be 18+ and out of high school, but many hold advanced degrees in fields such as education, theater & more. Prospective staff must submit an extensive application (including employment history) and are subjected to a reference and background check. Counselors attend a rigorous pre-camp orientation and training so they are ready to help your camper thrive the moment they step off the bus. Harand Camp Counselors act as advisors, friends, teachers, guides, parents and big brothers & sisters, helping to create a sense of unity & family.

The entire staff comes together as a team working to create a wonderful and safe experience for all Haranders. We are positive, enthusiastic and  selfless. Our mantra is "Camp is for the Campers" - the kids must always be top priority!

Harand Camp Counselors

We set the following objectives for the summer:

  • To provide our campers with all the fun, sports and companionship of camp life, and an opportunity to mature emotionally and learn to live with each other

  • To develop a love of the theatre arts

  • To develop poise through becoming conditioned to appear in front of an audience

  • To develop a more engaging personality through artistic appreciation & expression

  • To achieve excellence without competition

  • To assist campers to be outstanding citizens in their communities

  • To improve communication skills and peer interaction

To achieve our goals every staff member brings all their love, dedication, cooperation, work and wisdom!

To find out how you can be a part of the Harand Camp team, please visit our employment page.

All those interested in working at Harand Camp must submit an application (with employment history) and are subject to a reference and background check.

Harand Camp Senior Staff

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