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 "Harand Camp made a tremendous contribution to arts education. Their approach should be reinvented today in the public schools. Their model is an extraordinary model for teaching."
-the late Lois Weisberg,

Chicago Cultural Affairs Commissioner


"We could not have chosen a better camp for our daughter!!   Last year my daughter attended Harand for the first time and it as an amazing experience! All I can say is: Harand is a magical place that takes children from every skill level and turns them into stars. The environment is warm and nurturing. The activities are exciting and non-competitive. In fact, my daughter was originally signed up for 3 weeks but called and begged us to let her stay 3 more! Harand made my daughter feel like a star! She talks about camp all the time & can't wait to return this summer!!!"


"I went to Harand for 9 years and absolutely loved it. At the time, it was the best thing in my life. As an adult, it is still one of the best things that ever happened to me. It gave me joy, confidence and best friends. Little did I know my own children would find that exact same amazing experience 25 years later. Whether they are into theater or not, the experience of being on stage, conquering your fears, learning to sing and dance in a safe environment is invaluable. In addition to theater, there are plenty of opportunities to do sports visual arts & swimming. The staff is so kind & loving...

"I really cannot say enough about Harand Camp."


"Every Child Is A Star! On and Off the Stage! I was a camper at Harand for over 8 years. My mother was a camper for 5 years, and we both have worked on staff as counselors. Moreover, both my aunt and my cousin were campers at Harand. This camp has changed all of our lives. It is a theater camp that promotes confidence, acceptance, and self-esteem. The lessons learned at camp have shaped all of us into the people we are, while giving us memories to last forever. My mom and aunt are still best friends with all their camp friends, and I know my cousin & I will be too!"


"I went to Harand for 7 years and my son went for 5.  Harand is the best experience a young person can ever have. Harand builds self-esteem, confidence and inclusion, while providing an enriching experience for every camper. Roles are divided, so everyone has a chance to shine. I have had friendships for over 40 years because of Harand.

"The memories your child will take with them are PRICELESS."


"My 2 children have been attending Harand for the past 6 summers. The camp is based on the Carthage College campus in Wisconsin right on Lake Michigan. It's really beautiful. Both of my kids - my son is 14 and my daughter is 12 - have now performed in several plays, and acting & the love of theater is simply part of their lives. My son is also a pretty extreme athlete (Hockey, Karate, Lacrosse), so this is the perfect balance for him. My daughter's growth at Harand has been more in the area of speaking & comfort on stage. At this, time I can't ever see her with stage fright! Bottom line...

"This is a great camp and worth every dollar I spent and every hour of my children's time at camp!"


"We just want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone at Harand for making Aaron's first sleepaway camp experience AMAZING! The first thing he said after the showcase yesterday was, "Mom, you better make sure I am not in a show next summer so I can stay for 3 weeks!" I think that is a resounding testimonial to how awesome camp was for him! When asked about his favorite part of camp, he told us the people & friends he made. He loved his cabin & his counselors. We were absolutely thrilled with everything.

And the performances were spectacular!"


"We are a 3 generation Harand family that loved every second of every minute of every hour of every day we spent at Harand Camp!"

"I attended Harand from 1982-89 in Elkhart Lake and my daughter is going for her 4th year at Carthage. This is a magical place where memories are made forever. Would recommend in a heartbeat!"

"My daughters have had wonderful experiences at this fabulous camp!"


"A 10 year camper myself, Harand has given me the confidence, talent, and lifelong friends that have helped me grow and change as a person. Harand is a family-oriented place that knows how to change lives and provide excellent experiences that last a lifetime."

"This camp is amazing! From the pageant at the end of 3 weeks to shows at the end of 6. Singing, dancing, costumes - each child has the chance to do it all from tech to star! An incredible experience!"

"So warm and welcoming! Immediately you become part of a family!"

"Best camp in the whole freaking world! I am so happy I went here!"


"This camp is a treasure. They help your child grow as a person. I have been lucky enough to experience this for 4 years & counting!"

"Great camp! I learned so much over the years. If you love theatre and having fun you must go, you'll have the time of your life!"

"Transformative for any child, particularly those who enjoy performing. Very nurturing and non-competitive."


"Harand truly is a magical place and helped shape who I am today. It helped give me the confidence to be myself and appreciate differences in others while having fun singing and dancing (ala Glee). The quality of shows and what these kids accomplish in just 3 weeks is fantastic. I recommend this camp for anyone who loves theater and wants to shine on stage without crazy competition and nasty politics. There are fun nights bowling and go-karting, and during 2nd session everyone gets a lead. It really is an amazing & unique place."


"This was the best camp that I ever went to!! People here are so nice and I had a lot of fun! Can't wait for next summer!!!"

"This camp has such a good environment. You feel like you are a family with everyone and that you really belong."

"My second home for as long as I can remember. A great camp that teaches children self-confidence over the need to be a star.

"I went to dozens of camps and this was far and away the best -
with friends made that I still talk to decades later."

Harand Camp Sweatshirts

 "Harand is like living the dream for me. How many places in the  world can you go and get fulfillment performing in plays and still  get to play sports all day.  I will never forget that magical place."
- Jeremy Piven,

Emmy Award-winning actor

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