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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts special?

At Harand Camp "No Man is an Island" and EVERYONE is a STAR! Established in 1955, Harand was one of the first private camps to combine musical theater with traditional camp. Long considered one of the top theater camps in the country, Harand balances quality arts training (in a non-competitive environment), with the fun of sports, activities, and 65+ years of tradition. We are a FAMILY (and also family-run). Harand is considered a second home by thousands of alums worldwide who have built lifelong friendships and cherished memories. Once a Harander - Always a Harander! Our theater program is also entirely unique, from our first session pageant musical revue to our commitment to sharing lead roles so EVERY camper has the chance to shine in the spotlight and also learn how to work as part of an ensemble. Harand Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association and received the Program Excellence Award in 2013.

What are the DATES & PRICES for 2024?

One-Week Workshop: June 16 - 22, 2024; $1500

(1-Week Program & Wait List is now FULL!)

1st Session (Pageant): June 16 - July 7, 2024; $3750

2nd Session (Musicals): July 8 - July 28, 2024: $3850

Full 6-Week Session: June 16 - July 28, 2024; $6800

Scholarships and payment plans are available!

Harand Camp Mamma Mia
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Does TUITION cover everything? Are there any other FEES?

Unlike many other camps, our tuition covers almost everything and there are very few additional fees and charges. Tuition covers room & board; arts & elective classes; recreational activities; costumes; scripts; supplies; buses for trips; personal laundry up to $15 per session. (Parents provide balance for laundry, if any, at the end of camp.) Tuition does NOT include WI sales tax, medical bills not covered by your insurance, private instruction (arranged in advance through our office), luggage shipment, or the $15 refundable key card deposit. There is also a $50 fee for lost or damaged scripts (second session only and is charged after camp only if your camper loses or damages rented materials). Personal spending money should also be provided by the family for the camper to use on off-campus trips or for other approved, unforeseen purchases (replenishing toiletries, etc.). We recommend $50 per 3-week session. The money is placed in our "Mini-Bank" until officially withdrawn by the camper. Records are kept with balance refunded at check-out.

Harand Camp Annie Jr.

Are SCHOLARSHIPS available?

We strive to make the camp experience affordable for all families and offer a variety of discounts, payment plans and scholarships. Need-based scholarships are awarded through the Harand Camp Scholarship Fund (HCSF), a 501c3 organization. The HCSF provides full and partial camp scholarships to young people who have an interest in music, dance, drama, or technical theater, and have financial need. More information can be found here. 


The deadline to apply for a scholarship is April 15 with awards determined by May 1. APPLY NOW!

WHERE is Harand located? What is the CAMPUS like?

We are located on the beautiful campus of Carthage College in Kenosha, midway between Chicago and Milwaukee. The campus is an arboretum on the shores of Lake Michigan and features many modern amenities including an Olympic-size indoor swimming pool; racquetball and sand volleyball courts; dance and fitness studios; a 400-seat state-of-the-art mainstage theater as well as an intimate black box space; air-conditioned classrooms; food by Sodexo; dorm-style living; on-campus security and certified nurse; and more.

Harand Camp First Day
Harand Camp First Day

I don't live near Kenosha, can I still attend?

Yes! We have campers and staff from all over the country and overseas. There is a charter bus from the Chicago suburbs to camp on the first day (TBD for 2023). Campers may also fly in to Milwaukee's Mitchell Airport and we can arrange for a staff member to pick-up the camper at the airport and bring them to campus. Please contact the camp office to make arrangements. 


HOW MANY campers are there per session?

We pride ourselves on our close-knit, family environment where "no man is an island." Camp size varies from year to year, with sessions having between 70 and 100 campers. Our staff to camper ratio is 1:4 ensuring that all campers get personal attention and feel valued as individuals and cherished members of our family.

This is my FIRST YEAR and I'm nervous that I won't know anyone and will feel left out.

"Make new friends and keep the old." While we do have campers (and staff) that return year after year, there are also many new campers every summer. Haranders are the most loving and welcoming people in the world. Everything we do - from our activity program to shows - fosters a nurturing, family environment where everyone knows and accepts everyone. Our campers and staff are open-hearted and non-competitive and the bonding between new & returning campers is instantaneous.


Can I talk to someone who went to camp?

We would be happy to put you in touch with one of our alums or current families. Please contact us and we will make arrangements. Also be sure to visit our Testimonials page to read our stellar reviews.

Harand Camp Bowling
Harand Camp All Shook Up Rehearsal

Do you require AUDITIONS? Do I have too little/too much experience for your program?

We welcome all levels of experience - from new performers to those working professionally - and do not require auditions for admission. It is our goal for all campers to develop skills in the performing arts and also build self-confidence & self-esteem. No matter the experience level, all campers will have fun, feel supported and challenged, and shine on our stage. At Harand EVERYONE is a STAR!

What is the "PAGEANT" that ends FIRST SESSION?

The pageant is a full-length musical revue based around a specific theme that features the entire camp. Each age group prepares two 10-15 minute sections of non-stop singing and dancing and appears - in our beautiful costumes - no less than 3 times! Parents and campers love the pageant and find it to be very special & moving. While the pageant is more heavily focused on singing and dancing, all first-session campers also prepare a one-act play during drama classes that will be performed on parent visiting day prior to the pageant.

Haranders' Choice Awards
Harand Camp All Shook Up
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I'm going SECOND SESSION, what SHOW will I be in?

We do not reveal the shows until the first day of second session. Specific musicals are chosen close to the start of camp based on the make-up of each cast and then arrangements must be made with the appropriate licensing company. We also like to keep shows a surprise! Each summer tends to feature a mix of classic and contemporary works and no single show of the summer is considered "the best" or "most important." Placement in shows is based on age group and casting is determined during the first week of the session. All campers will perform both a lead role and in the ensemble, ensuring that EVERY camper receives the full musical theater experience. Audiences are wowed by what our campers and staff are able to accomplish in only three weeks.


Please take our show survey to let us know your thoughts on specific musicals and what you may have already done.

How does the ONE-WEEK PROGRAM work?

The one-week session is a unique program exclusive to new campers, ages 7-12. One-weekers are fully integrated into our first session program, enjoying the same classes, recreational activities and cabin bonding as those staying the full three weeks. The week culminates in a Workshop performance featuring selections from the Pageant. This option is perfect for new campers who want to try camp without committing to three weeks. Enrollment in the program is very limited and one-weekers have the option to stay for the rest of the session. Program FULL! Join Wait List!

Harand Camp Workshop
Harand Camp Banquet

What are the LIVING ARRANGEMENTS? Can I share a ROOM with my friend?

Campers enjoy the comfort of the modern facilities at Carthage College, residing in dorms overlooking Lake Michigan. Upon arrival, campers are divided into "cabins" by age and live together in the dorms (2-3 per room). Single rooms will not be available for the 2024 Season unless COVID-19 protocols need to be put in place. Triples are very rare and will be limited to cabins with an odd number of campers or floors with extra-large dorm rooms. Roommates: We honor roommate requests as long as BOTH campers make the request in writing and are the same age. Please make your request using this form. Roommate Requests must be mutual and submitted in advance!


What is the FOOD like? Can you make accommodations for special dietary needs?

Meals are catered by Parkhurst Dining and served 3 times a day in the dining hall. Every meal features many options including salad, soup, hot entrees, pizza & pasta bar, grill items, sandwiches, wraps, fruit, dessert, and more. Parkhurst can make accommodations for allergies and always provides gluten-free options. Please notify us of any dietary restrictions (ex: celiac, vegan) or allergies (ex: nuts, fish).

What is the DAILY SCHEDULE at Harand?

Campers spend half the day in theater classes and the other half in activity classes that are selected by the camper on the first night of the session. Evenings and Sundays include a rotating schedule of rehearsals, cabin nights, and all-camp events and games. Read more about our classes and activities HERE and view photos & videos HERE!


Who do I CONTACT if I have more questions?

Please call the Harand Camp office at 847.867.1356, or email Please be sure to download and read the Instruction Book which contains many more details about Harand. You can also get your Harand Camp 2024 Application and other forms for camp HERE or register online using our online application.

Day in the Life of a Harander
Harand Camp Media Madness

Thank you for considering Harand Camp for your family. We hope to hear from you soon!

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