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This Week At Harand- 6/20 to 6/26

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Welcome to “This Week at Harand,” our camp blog where we’ll be posting updates about all of the latest Harand happenings. We are so excited to share our summer with you through this new platform!

After five days of training, team-building and setting up camp, we couldn’t have been happier to greet each of our campers this past Sunday, June 20th. Campers played team-building games with their cabin-mates, while both new and old Haranders alike got a taste of what was in store for them during the camp welcome song and course registration. Aside from their daily theatre courses– which includes acting, singing and dancing– campers couldn’t wait to take electives such as arts and crafts, weird science, and costumes. And, the counselors were looking forward to kicking off a great summer, too!

Our campers were super happy to hear all about this year’s pageant, “This Is Me,” and start preparing for Saturday’s Workshop performance. Even though some Haranders were only enrolled for the one week session, everyone jumped head-first into rehearsals on Monday. The day ended with our start-of-session Backyard Party, where campers got to know each other while they played outdoor games, belted out the Hamilton: An American Musical soundtrack, and made s’mores. Monday evening definitely set the stage for what would become a busy, fun and rewarding week.

As rehearsals for Workshop picked up, so did our all-camp activities. Wednesday’s Hobby Night brought campers of all ages together through activities including TikTok dances, stage makeup, pom-pom crafts, spontaneous games, friendship bracelets and a jam session. Campers also kicked off the start to Media Madness– Harand Camp’s color wars games– with 15-minutes-to-win-it activities and a trivia night. Individual cabins also grew closer while preparing for their Friday night cabin song and cheer; from “The Backyardigans” spin-offs to Taylor Swift rewrites, each cabin’s unique personality shined bright during their performance. Also, many of our one-week Haranders showcased their talents and special skills in our annual Talent Show! The entire camp community was certainly blown away by their friends’ and cabin-mates’ creativity.

Our one week session concluded with an incredible Workshop, where Haranders got a taste of each other’s Pageant sections. Campers loved hearing selections from “SpongeBob,” “Wicked,” “Six,” “The Prom” and more and celebrated as an entire week of hard work and rehearsals culminated. And, our younger one-week campers shined in their “Matilda” section. Saying goodbye to our one-weekers was difficult, but there is no doubt we all learned and grew together during such a short time. We can’t wait to see how Pageant continues to take shape and are looking forward to the many more laughs and stories we will all share this coming week!

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